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Chill Zone Cryo: Cincinnati’s One Stop Shop for Recovery

Chill Zone Cryo: Cincinnati’s One Stop Shop for Recovery

Chill Zone Cryo is a wellness center that offers a number of modalities focused on increasing quality of life including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Spot Cryotherapy, Cryo T-Shock, NanoVi Device, Celluma (low level light therapy for musculoskeletal and skin conditions), Photobiomodulation (red and near-infrared light to repair and reduce inflammation pain), Evolution Fusion Lasers, and NormaTec Compression Therapy.

The Search for Relief from Lymphatic Disorder

Chill Zone Cryo owners Charles and Lesa Smith are parents that, like most, would do anything to help their child live a healthy life. When their daughter was diagnosed with a chronic lymphatic disorder called lymphedema, it became their life’s mission to research and find way for her to deal with her symptoms holistically. Studying, traveling to conferences and seminars, and seeking constant medical advice, they discovered cryotherapy. Their daughter saw such great benefit from this treatment that Charles and Lesa decided to invest in the system. With time, they discovered more and more treatments, and found the benefits were extensive not just for their daughter but for so many more.

We’re regulars at Chill Zone Cryo. When I got in a bad car accident last summer it was the first place I headed. Below we describe our experience with Whole Body Cryotherapy and NanoVi. To learn more about the other therapeutic modalities Chill Zone Cryo offers in depth visit their website.

-270 Degree Cryotherapy Chambers

One of the hottest wellness trends of late, whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) makes old school ice-bath sessions, used to decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation, seem like child’s play. While ice baths are on average around 46 degrees, cryotherapy chambers are chilled to -270 degrees Fahrenheit. Participants strip down to their undergarments (or naked if you’re a woman), step into a chamber straight out of Star Trek, and literally trick their body into hypothermia for 3 minutes.

When the body enters this state, the blood rushes to protect the most vital organs the brain and the heart. Then, after the treatment is done, fresh blood pumps through the body. Cryo can help with muscle repair and recovery, as well as promote collagen and reduce wrinkles and inflammation. Real talk, it is cold, but it not unbearable. The treatment lasts 3 minutes, and typically an employee stays in the room with you to talk to you during as a distraction.

You know the feeling of jumping into a freezing cold body of water? At first it stings and shocks, but then it feels so, so good. For me, cryo feels like that. Don’t expect the treatment to fix all aches and pains the first time, but over a few sessions you should see changes. Additionally, we’ve had friends that have gone with a hangover and reported back that it really helped.

NanoVI for Athletic Performance and Anti-Aging

This little breathing machine isn’t just a breathing tank. This thing has superpowers. Think I’m exaggerating? Picture this. You are a teenager on the swim team. You come in, sit and breathe on the NanoVI for 30 minutes for 4 days in one week, then that weekend you shave 7 SECONDS off your freestyle. This is a real-life example.

The secret behind the NanoVI is improving cellular activity, which helps you respond to oxidative stress damage. This little machine maximizes vitality, helps in illness recovery and prevention, and optimizes performance.

Whether your goal is to maximize vitality, address an illness, or optimize performance, improving cellular activity is essential. Most importantly, improved cellular activity helps you respond to oxidative stress damage.

People most commonly seek out NanoVI treatment for three reasons:

  1. Increased athletic performance. Both Bengals and Cincinnati Dutch Lions players alike visit Chill Zone Cryo to sit on this machine, as it’s one of the most advanced ways for athletes to optimize performance
  2. Wellness and Healthy Aging: Cellular activity is known to start declining when you’re in your 30’s. Dr. Susan Smith Jones, who is the leading voice for anti-aging states that Eng3’s NanoVi device is “the only known method of significantly increasing oxygen utilization, without introducing extra oxygen to the body.”
  3. Prevent and address illness. Diminished cellular function is also a cause, and an effect, of chronic illness. So, it’s super important to prevent, or break any downward health spirals associated with oxidative stress.

Both Molly and I have used the NanoVi Device and afterward it feels like a jolt of energy.

What to Expect

Charles and Lesa want to help. If you are in pain, have an injury, want to improve how you feel or how you perform athletically just call and ask to speak to Charles and Lesa. They will recommend the best protocol for your needs and desires. If you’re trying cryotherapy for the first time know that it will be cold but not horrible. You’ll be OK. NanoVi is super simple and we recommend pairing it with the NormaTec Boots. They feel so good like a deep tissue massage. You can book online and Chill Zone offers single sessions, a variety of packages, and membership options. There is plenty of parking out front.


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