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Supplements As Part Of Your Skincare Routine?

Supplements As Part Of Your Skincare Routine?

Ami Kulkarni used the scientific education she got working at P&G with knowledge from her Indian heritage to create Arkadiance—a skin care approach that supports beautiful skin from the inside out.  Arkadiance sells both skin care products and supplements that are designed to work together to change your skin. The skin care products are 93% plant-based which allows for better skin absorption and the supplement line works to change the cell structure of individuals skin so the skin looks firmer and healthier. Good for those that are both interested in the appearance and the health of their skin and value natural products. 

Ami Kulkarni grew up with “really bad skin.”

Sitting in the Deeper Roots on Vine Street sipping a pint of Skinny Piggy Kombucha, Ami told us that her skin had always been a pain point. She got bad acne, would scar easily, was prone to eczema and red spots. Stress shows up differently in our bodies for each of us and for her it shows up her in her skin. 

For most entrepreneurs what we struggle with becomes our life work as we set out to change that struggle for ourselves and others like us. This is certainly true for Ami. In college, she started working as a makeup girl at Origins as she got a degree in business. She moved on to work at P&G where she was a Global Brand Manager for Olay Skin Care. She worked on upstream design aka for those of us that don’t know P&G language she got to be innovative and on the cutting edge of product development. For example, Ami and her team were studying how fish oil could impact skin before fish oil was cool. Side note, even though she was a vegetarian Ami started taking fish oil at the time for study purposes and found that it helped her eczema tremendously. Really wanting to prove the connection, Ami stopped the fish oil and the eczema came back. She started it again and the eczema went away. 

Despite liking her job, Ami felt a tug to create something.  At this point, she had three daughters (cutest family award) who had her same skin type and she couldn’t find a natural solution for her girl gang that worked.

“Since I couldn’t find a natural product that delivered effective results and a beautiful experience, I created it.”

Ami used the scientific education she got from working at P&G with her Indian heritage (think using coconut oils, turmeric paste, etc.) to create Arkadiance—a skin care approach that supports beautiful skin from the inside out. 

Ami explained a few things to us. First, skin change cannot truly happen on the outside. If you’re going to look differently in any fashion, it’s a reflection of your health. You have to change your internal health. In addition to skin care products, Ami recommends yoga, meditation, decreasing inflammation in your diet, and, of course, supplements like fish oil. 

Arkadiance sells both skin care products and supplements that are designed to work together to change your skin. The skin care products are 93% plant-based. Why does this matter? Most lotions, moisturizers, etc. are oil based. But, as Ami explained to us, oil doesn’t absorb into the skin it just sits on the skin. Plant-based products are goopier and thicker and are actually absorbed into the skin. Arkadiance’s supplement line works to  change the cell structure of your skin. The supplements actually help firm up the cell structure (I’m sure this is simplifying a very complex topic). So, the skin looks firmer and healthier because the cells really are firmer and healthier. 

Mol and I tried the Inside and Out Transformation Duo. It’s a bundle with plant-based Cell Renewing Moisturizer and pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 Radiance Capsules with 500 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA in each 1,000 mg dose (two tiny capsules). The moisturizer smells and feels amazing, and the fish oil was easy to take (no gross aftertaste).  

I’m one of those people that lucked out with good skin (thanks, Mom) and I’m guilty of forgetting to wash my face some nights because of that. I know, I know. Bad habits die hard. Anyway, I loved the fish oil because I put it right on my nightstand to remember to take it each night and I felt like even if I forgot (cough, was lazy) and didn’t wash my face that night I was still doing something positive for my skin. Molly said her skin seemed firmer and brighter after using the products.   

Our favorite aspects of Arkadiance, and what you can expect:  

  • The focus on health from the inside FIRST. 
  • The anti-chemical focus. 
  • Their tagline, “It is amazing what you’ll see when you reveal the beauty of what is already inside you.” YES. Learn More
  • It’s a local, female owned company. 
  • The focus on female empowerment. “Although you can expect youthful, radiant skin with our products, you’ll never hear us talk about anti-aging. Age is well-earned, and it empowers us with empathy, confidence, and capabilities” Learn More
  • The lushness and quality of the products. The products feel very luxurious.
  • The company donates 10% of every dollar made to a non-profit. Learn More

Head over to our Instagram to enter to win an Inside & Out Transformation Duo set, and let us know what you think! 


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