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How to Stay Motivated and Rock your 2020 New Year’s Intentions in February

How to Stay Motivated and Rock your 2020 New Year’s Intentions in February

Well, we made it. We made it past January and into the second month of 2020. February, the month many of us inevitably succumb to the ever demanding tasks of life and leave our January, New Year’s resolutions behind. It seems that life has a tendency to really ramp up our ability to self motivate in January, but in February that ability slowly fades as our attention is pulled in a million other directions. This year, we are going to change this pattern. Here’s how…

What’s your intention?

Instead of the word resolution I actually like to use the word intention because it reminds us to reconnect with the original purpose behind the desired change—the why. Take a moment to reflect on your recently set 2020 intentions. Maybe it was trying a new fitness classes, traveling more, saving money for a house, spending more time with friends, or disconnecting from technology on daily basis. Whatever it was, or is, you have to decide that this new venture is important enough to become a consistent part of your life. To do so, take a moment to get clear on why you wanted to introduce this new component into your life. Is it something that you believe will make you a happier or more successful person? Is it something that will help you grow? Is it something that will help you be a better spouse, partner, friend, or parent? Whatever it is, write down the why behind your new intention. Being really clear on this why will help convince your rational mind that this change is important enough to give energy to. 

Consistency is key

“Where your attention goes your energy follows.” You have to give this New Year’s intention, attention. I suggest that you create a visual of what it would look like if you were successful with this intention. Create a vision board or take a few minutes to sit in silence (wink, wink on the opportunity to practice some meditation here) and visualize what it would look like and feel like to have this new shift grounded into your life.

This is important because the mind doesn’t actually know what is real and what isn’t real. So, when you visualize a change or habit as if you already have implemented it into your life, the brain rewires itself to believe this imagined reality.

The more you do this, the more the brain thinks it is a part of your current life and the easier it will be to consistently act on the newest intention that you’ve set forth. 

What is your action step? 

What is your plan for action? Once you have clarified your intention and visualized what your new practice looks like in your life, the last step is to act. This is the step where many of us get caught up in overthinking which can paralyze us from moving forward. This is also the step where many individuals quit because let’ face it action takes effort.

A little tip before you act is to make sure you are well rested and you have tended to your own self care. There is nothing more difficult than trying to act on a new change when your energy is imbalanced.

After you take action make it a daily habit for at least 21 days. Several studies have shown that it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit in your life. 

Now, some of you may be thinking “How am I supposed to do anything consistently for 21 days? With my job, my children and family demands, I barely have time to brush my hair and slap on some chapstick!” I ask you to return to your original intention, the original reason why you are doing this. If this new practice will help you become a more fulfilled version of yourself don’t you think your family would want you to commit to this? Don’t you think you deserve to be happy and rock 2020? Don’t you think you are worth the extra time and energy it will take to be consistent? I say, yes! You owe it to yourself to be happy. So no excuses here when it comes to making time. When your intention becomes a priority you will make the time. 

With all of that said I encourage you all to bring gentleness and compassion into your heart. Drive and motivation are important but the inevitable ebbs and flows of life can definitely throw us off track. That has certainly been the case for me in the past. However, what I have found to be important is that when I do fall behind, I do not critique myself too harshly as this can be discouraging and halt any momentum gained. You always have the next day to start again.

Failure is not possible here, only success and more awareness on how to succeed in the future. Remember you do not have to get everything right the first time as life is a wild ride and a journey to be experienced rather than a method to master.

The fact that you set the intention in the first place deserves applause as it takes gumption to want to change. So, whether you have given up on your New Year’s resolutions, never started, or may be losing steam, remember why you started and remember that you are worth the journey. You owe it to yourself to become the best, most successful and happiest version of you. I am rooting for you. 


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