Kayla Hansmann

Kayla Hansmann is a local dietitian and fitness instructor working with individuals one-on-one, in corporate worksite wellness, as well as various community settings. With experience from Cincinnati Children's Hospital to adult chronic disease management, she is focused on providing comprehensive and personalized nutrition to all individuals in various stages of life to achieve their personal goals and best state of health. Kayla has written and spoken on various nutrition topics in her personal blog, Cincy Fit Foodie, as well as Whatthefit, Cincy Lifestyle, Youcanpoundthis, and more! -- she loves making the world of food creative, realistic, and fun (with a lot of corny puns along the way)!

Ashley Hajjar

Ashley Hajjar's day job is in digital marketing, as part of the brand partnership team at ShopStyle. Before that, Ashley was a successful blogger for years and built a toolset that has been extremely beneficial to her work. While she no longer actively blogs, she is excited by the growing and evolving influencer marketing industry. Ashley has always been someone who prioritizes her health and loves to workout to decompress from life as a working mom. Her favorites are Barre3, yoga, and at-home Peloton workouts.

Bryanna Bach

Bryanna Bach is a content creator, former D1 athlete, fashion merchandising graduate, digital marketing specialist, and adventurist. She is the owner of the blog Coming in Clutch, which helps catalyze your inner creativity to live freely as your authentically creative (and fashionable) self. She’s always down to explore new fitness regimens and studios, so don’t be scared to give her a holler!

Devon Blythe

Devon Blythe is a Body-Mind and Wellness Practitioner whose mission is to support universal and individual healing while expanding conscious awareness in humanity. Devon has extensive training in a wide variety of wellness practices and today her work focuses on spirituality, life coaching, and bodywork with an emphasis on self knowledge, conscious awareness, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and holism. Devon created a method called The Balance Effect and founded The BE Company where she works to support as many human beings as she can through her natural gifts of intuitiveness, introspection, and connecting with other humans on a deep emotional level.

Ellen Whitney

Ellen Whitney is a Regional Head Coach for Orange Theroy Fitness, an Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Ceritifed Personal Trainer. Upon entering college, Ellen's long competive swimming came to an and end and without the long hours of swim pratice she had to find other ways to be healthy and began both weight training for strength and creatively adapting her favorite meals into healthier versions. When Ellen entered the corporate world after college, she quickly saw the effects a high stress, unfulfilling career can take on one's body. Feeling miserable and trapped, she took the leap to quit her job and pursue her true passion in life of spreading health through cooking, nutrition and fitness.

Emerald Sparks

Emerald Sparks is an award winning personal and business finances expert, author, and speaker, who works with individuals to become better financial stewards of their money, as well as with business owners to understand the story behind their numbers, increase their revenues, keep their profits and pay themselves a salary. From a wasteful spender to financially savvy entrepreneur, Emerald’s takes her personal lessons and determination to inspire others to reach their financial greatness and solve their own misconceptions about money. Emerald is a teacher, bestselling author, motiving public speaker, and has been recognized as an Affirmed YP Honoree by the Urban League Young Professional of Greater Southwestern Ohio, Ambition List recipient, and The Wiz Nation’s 30 under 30.

Emily Morgan

Emily is the owner of the fitness event business, Live In The Movement, which has brought hundreds of women and fitness lovers into Cincinnati's incredible studios and experiences through her "fitness crawl" Fit Days. She was a personal trainer for 12 years in NYC, Bloomington, IN and now back in her hometown of Cincinnati Emily is personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Studio S, and also works as a cancer exercise specialist. Emily loves to travel, eat, cook, exercise and hang with her family and friends. She is the mom of two wonderful children Lily (11) and Will (8) and has been married to her husband Steve for 13 years.

Jaime Sanzere

Jaime is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from Cincinnati, OH who specializes in Women's Health. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she is completing her Master's degree in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine. In her free time, you can find Jaime looking for the best new restaurants and yoga classes in town.

Lorie Yarro

Lorie Yarro spent most of her teenage years and her twenties in a constant battle with her body. Her life was consumed by the need to have the “perfect” body and no matter how thin or lean she became, it was never good enough. Then the day came when she realized that this way of living was not living at all. She now lives by one rule and one rule only, "“I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT.” lemons+zest is Lorie's blog where she documents her own story with both intuitive eating and her fertility struggles, recipes, positive body image messages, and adorable pictures of her son Sam.

Maggie Hauser

With a background in education and event planning, Maggie Hauser obtained her health coaching certification in 2018 while living abroad in Germany. She has worked one-on-one with (virtual) clients as well as piloted a meal preparation service for families. In addition to nutrition and hormone health, Maggie is passionate about reading, fitness and travel. Her greatest adventure yet is that of becoming a first-time mom!

Olivia Johnson

Olivia is a Cincinnati-based fashion and lifestyle content creator behind the brand Baubles to Bubbles, a website she started in 2012. She has partnered with brands such as Amazon, Cadillac, Kroger, US Bank, Kendra Scott, and Swarovski and frequently appears on local TV stations as a fashion and lifestyle resource. In addition to being a digital creator, Olivia has been a realtor since 2013.

Ashley Solomon

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Galia Collaborative, an organization that helps purpose-driven women elevate their impact and mental wellness through therapy, coaching, and content. She blends her scientific acumen, her warm style, and her real-life wisdom to help people during challenge points in their lives. She's committed to busting the stigma of mental health and helping people heal, grow, and lead.

Morgan Shaw

Morgan Shaw is a working mom who joined club motherhood in 2018 with the birth of her son, Owen. Shortly after, she found a creative release through her blog, Honestly Morgan. She candidly shares her own experience as a mother - the good, the bad and everything in between.

Hannah Chapman

Hannah Chapman is a Wealth Advisor that is changing the way the financial services industry serves women. During her 14 years working at a large financial company, Hannah found that the women she worked with were not being served well by the “traditional” model of financial planning and investment management. They didn’t understand what was being said during meetings, didn’t feel like their questions were being answered, and stopped trusting the advice they were getting. Hannah founded X2 Wealth Planning as a fee-only financial planning firm to bring a collaborative and compassionate voice to the financial services industry, and to bring about a paradigm shift in how women view themselves and their ability to build wealth.

Chrissy Gohman

Chrissy grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and continued her education at The University of Kentucky where she studied Merchandise with a business minor. Her passion for nutrition started junior year of college when she decided to heal her relationship with food. In return, she discovered a new found energy and mental clarity. The energy was transferred into creating her own wellness blog on Instagram, Extra_chrisspy, where she builds relationships with brands within the food industry and shares her knowledge on the importance of feeding your body the proper fuel. She is currently employed at Whole Foods Market as a Grocery Buyer and is in the process of earning a certification for Nutrition & Health Coaching through Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition.

Lauren Nemeroff

Lauren has been involved in athletics and fitness her whole life, playing soccer for the University of Kentucky and University of Central Florida in Orlando. Being active and physically healthy/fit became something to rediscover & redefine post-college athletics. It wasn’t until she moved home and became an Orange Theory coach that she realized all of the amazing opportunities the Cincinnati fitness community had to offer that enabled her to positively change my relationship with exercise and movement. Since moving home from Florida, she earned her masters at UC, became a fitness coach, worked on the social media team for the Reds, was the marketing manager for Braxton Brewing co, and most recently started a position with Quotient Technology working in social sales and creative strategy. Right now, her favorite things to do are bird (scooter) around the city, try new restaurants and bars, travel to new cities, workout, watch ted lasso and decorate her new downtown apartment.

Priya Mullen

By trade, Priya is a public accountant in the Assurance Line. Outside of work, her free time is spent exploring new fitness studios, keeping up on the latest wellness trends through podcasts and books, and traveling as often as possible. She believes food is medicine, and health begins from the inside out. Over the past five years, she has worked closely with integrative medicine doctors, acupuncturists, and fitness leaders, amongst others, in an effort to make more informed and intentional decisions on what food and routines work best for her. Priya and spontaneity go hand in hand - don't be surprised if you run into her at a HIIT class, outdoor concert, or on a flight departing from CVG.