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Feral Children, Zoom Calls, Family Dinners: Molly Perez COVID Diaries

Feral Children, Zoom Calls, Family Dinners: Molly Perez COVID Diaries

I’m Molly, I live in Mariemont, and I’m currently at home with my husband, and 4 kids (10,8,6,3). 

Right now, we wake up later than normal, 7:30-8am.

Have coffee, breakfast, get dressed, and start distance learning.  

That ends about noon,  and then I try to take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. The older girls have zoom soccer trainings still twice a week in the evenings.

I work on my University class in the afternoons.

Between all of us there are about 3,782 zoom calls.  Calls with teachers, jobs, friends, etc.

By Friday evening I’m technologied out.  I cannot look at screens.  

I try to take a run by myself in the evenings because I cannot find the motivation to get up early lately.  

I was feeling pretty lousy at first, mourning the life we used to have. 

However, when Gov. Dewine announced schools were closed for the year, I had a shift.

I needed that concrete knowledge to move forward. I am looking for ways to change and innovate for my college class next year, and to enrich our kids lives at home.  

I don’t miss all the running around we were doing before.  I love that we are home and having a meal together 7 days a week. 

There are certainly things we all miss: family/friends, sports, and school being the top three. But, I have a new invigorated outlook moving forward.  It feels like this last 2 months has been about survival and now I want to change my thinking. This, for me, is a time for growth.

The biggest challenge has been navigating everyones emotional lows

Everyone is my house has good days and bad, as the mom, I feel that I am trying to hold down the fort and provide the support they need. 

We’re currently finding a lot of joy in NATURE!  

I have been running, and I now have a little bit of a routine back.  I am trying to plan house projects and professional development trainings that I will to look forward to doing.  

My cousins and I are on the Marco Polo app, we play what are you having for dinner and what are you drinking at night. 

Im also pretty sure our poor teachers have seen me at my worst on more than one occasion during zoom calls.   

Also, my three year old has gone fully feral.  She runs in the backyard with no shoes on, walking stick, and howls like a wolf.  Can you say LORD OF THE FLIES?


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