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The Diary Of A (Reformed) Sugar Addict

The Diary Of A (Reformed) Sugar Addict

Raise your hand if you suffer from a mean sweet tooth (raises both hands). Before this week, I had to have something sweet after every meal. And one piece of chocolate quickly turns into 5 or 6. It’s been out of control. But a local wellness and recovery facility, Chill Zone Cryo, has a tool that can actually curb sugar cravings, in one 5 minute treatment. I know, it sounds surreal, but I can attest that it actually works. 

The Background

ICYMI, sugar has been deemed the culprit to a number of medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It also drains your energy, increases your risk for depression, not to mention contributes to poor oral health.

 As if this wasn’t enough, studies have found that sugar is just as addictive, if not more, than cocaine, nicotine, and morphine, which may be why the average American consumes 22 to 30 teaspoons DAILY (recommended max is 6 tsp for reference!) 

Now that we’re all aware of how bad it is for us, what do we do about it? Like any detox period, especially to something highly addictive, there can be a significant amount of withdrawal time and symptoms involved. In the past, what I have had most success with is just to go cold turkey—absolutely no refined sugar (natural sugars are OK, but I have found that oftentimes I rely heavily on fruit to get my sugar fix, which kinda defeats the purpose). The first 4 days are dreadful. My energy and focus are all out of whack. But then something beautiful happens on day 5. My cravings subside and I feel great, not to mention my clothes fit a bit better. I swear that I’m never going back to my old ways. Until I have a small bite of something sweet, then the downward spiral begins again.

The Technique

Up until last week, I really felt like giving up sugar was my only option for taking control of my cravings. That was until Lesa and Charles of Chill Zone Cryo introduced me to their sugar cessation program. This program involves utilizing an Aculaser to target acupuncture points in your ear to turn off your sugar cravings and help control your appetite. Good for ridding salt cravings, stress eating, managing anxiety, compulsive behavior, and sympathetic metabolism points.  

My Experience

After just 5 minutes with the Aculaser targeting these points, I had a noticeable lack of desire to eat sugar. The first time I went, it lasted a few days then I was back to my normal sweet eating ways. But the more treatments you receive, the more effective the laser is at shutting down cravings for a longer duration. The goal of this treatment isn’t to never again eat sweets- what kind of life would that be? It’s to reach a level of control where you can have a sweet, enjoy it to its fullest, and not go spiraling into a sugar frenzy. 

Final Details

If you’re interested, you can schedule an appointment here. Each session is just $25. 

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