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Organizing your home for mental and physical wellbeing

Organizing your home for mental and physical wellbeing

So, I don’t know about you but I’ve been spending a lot of time at home. You too? How about that.

OK, enough with the jokes. During this COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot out of our control. And for those who like control, like myself, this is a hard cross to bear. One thing that I have found that has kept me feeling more settled and has brought calmness into my life is the act of organizing. Over the past few weeks, I have read blogs, listened to podcasts, and consulted with experts (and type-A friends who are self-proclaimed experts) about tips and tricks for organizing your home. Here’s what I found.

First, you need the motivation

 For me, it was two-fold. It’s easy to have a messy house when you are running around, popping home only to change clothes, grab a snack, and let the dog out. This was my life until COVID hit. Now that I’m homebound, I find that it extremely difficult to concentrate in a disorganized or messy space. My second motivation is the control factor. I can’t do much about what’s going on in the outside world, but maintaining a tidy house has helped be feel like at least I’ve got something under control.

Second, you need to commit the time

I recently tuned into an episode of the Organize 365 Podcast which discussed that you are one of two people when it comes to organization. You are either the person that can commit to 15-20 minute tasks each day to get to your end goal, OR you are the person that needs to remove all distraction and dedicate an entire afternoon, day, weekend, to the mission. I am the latter, so decided to dedicate certain full evenings and weekend days to specific rooms. Bedroom closets one day, bathroom the next. Which brings me to the next point.

You need to have a plan

Start by organizing your schedule.

Lay out a REALISTIC expectation of what you can accomplish in the amount of time you have to dedicate. Once you have the schedule, set your solution for purging.

Currently, most donation services are not accepting items due to COVID, so have a plan of where you can store these purged items in the interim (and tie the bag tight so that you aren’t tempted to dig back in!) Not sure how to purge?

The girls at NEAT Method break down the Marie Kondo method in their blog post here.  Then, set your plan into action! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, throw on an upbeat  Spotify playlist and get going.

The benefits

It gets you moving!

The health benefits of organizing are expansive. For one, you are practicing functional movement as you climb up on your counters to reach items in high cabinets and move full boxes of purged items.

Having an organized home can help reduce stress.

In an article put out by Shape, they referred to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that found “women who described their homes as “cluttered” or full of “unfinished projects” were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than women who felt their homes were “restful” and “restorative”. I feel this, and personally usually don’t even realize that these little unfinished projects weigh on me until I finally finish them and feel that release.

Better sleep.

This one is simple. Less stress = better sleep!

It can help you eat better.

By having an organized kitchen and knowing what you have at your disposal, you’re more apt to cook a well-rounded meal, versus grabbing something processed out of ease and convenience.

Lastly, improved relationships.

No more fighting over where you left something, or snapping at one another because of the stress your home environment has placed on you.

Simply said, an organized home invites calmness and control into your life, and will take weight off your shoulders that you never even knew you had.

If you are ready to get started, but would love the help of a professional, NEAT Method recently launched here in Cincinnati! 

 “NEAT Method is a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space. [They] will design and implement a customized solution that is not only effective but sustainable.”

Local Franchise owner Devan Miller and her team are total pros at helping you find peace in your home, and are available for virtual consultations and soon in-home consultations once the stay at home order is lifted.

Photos courtesy of NEAT Method.


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