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How can you Manifest $10,000? Devon Blythe Explains

How can you Manifest $10,000? Devon Blythe Explains

When it comes to manifestation there are several different point of views and explanations of the topic. Manifestation is innately esoteric in nature meaning in order to really grasp the concept subjectively you will need to take an objective approach.

The definition of manifestation is to bring the intangible into the tangible. To create your mental thoughts into physical reality. When you learn how to consciously do this you gain the capacity to create whatever you put your mind to. In this article not only am I going to give you the basics of manifestation but I am going to give you some short cuts into this ancient practice.

Why You Should Care About Manifestation 

Manifestation is a new age term given to a very ancient and esoteric process. In the most literal sense manifestation is learning to use your conscious thought and will power to entrain your personal frequency so that your physical reality matches that frequency. Let’s dive deeper.

Everything in the universe is a frequency—a vibration; quantum physics has proven this to be fact. When we can begin to look at thoughts as frequencies we can begin to see how certain thought forms, mind patterns, and behaviors create the reality we are each experiencing. I invite you to bring in a curious approach to my next suggestion.

Your own subjective experience, what you call your life, perceived through your identity or persona is mirrored to you by what you are currently experiencing in your physical reality. I want you to envision a pie cut into 8 pieces. The pie as a whole is the universe and one of the slices of pie is you—the subjective experiencer. With a bit of personal inquiry you will see this to be fact in physics. When you can view the world from this perspective you can realize that everything you perceive through your five senses is a projection of a larger aspect of you.

This is important to realize when you begin to consciously work with manifestation because the larger aspect of you communicates with you via thought forms and feelings. Now we will hold off on diving deep into the feeling aspect of manifestation as that requires an advanced level of awareness. However when you consider that a larger aspect of you (some call your soul), can communicate to you through your thoughts, you can begin to see how you create physical reality.

Everything is First Mental

The universe is mental. I know, I know—what the heck does that mean? It means that the physical world you live in is but a slither of what composes this entire universe that you are a part of. This means that everything that you perceive to be physical was once a thought first. So thus physical reality is a by-product of thinking thoughts. Now, these thoughts can be conscious and unconscious and for the sake of clarity we will not go further into that at this point but it is important to realize that most human begins on the planet create from unconscious thought forms that have become programs or belief systems rather than creating from their own conscious, present moment awareness and intent.

When you consider that the chair you sit on, the television you watch, and your phone you call people on were all thoughts first before they were physical things, you can start to see how every material item in existence was first a thought. Thus, making all physical creation a by-product of thinking first.

You can Learn to Project Conscious Thoughts

Knowing that material things were first thoughts gives you the capacity to start using your thoughts in a more conscious way in order to bring in what you want to experience in your life.

Most humans on the planet desire something; usually many things. We want more money, better relationships, health, success, more travel, and the list goes on. But there seems to be an idea that you have to work hard to achieve these goals or that it just doesn’t happen for all people. I beg to differ.

If you can see that your thoughts create reality you can see the next step into manifestation.

You Hold a Personal Frequency 

In order to find financial freedom, a better job, success, or anything you desire, you must vibrationally become a match to it. When you become a vibrational match to your desires it has to be reflected to you into your physical experience. The way to do this is to focus your attention on how you think, feel and act as these aspects need to be in alignment with your desires in order to experience them into your physical reality.

Have you ever been drained by a person or environment? Have you ever noticed that misery loves company and how like attracts like? This is because we are all energy, vibrations in a very literal sense, and we attract our personal vibrations into our outer experiences. If you hold a higher vibration, your ability to manifest what you want in life will be much easier than those who radiate at a lower vibration. Stay tuned to how to raise your vibration in a future article.

Let’s Put it All Together

So now that I’ve thrown some very complex concepts your way lets discuss how this all relates to manifestation. If thoughts create reality, and we are an aspect of the universe, the way to creating a reality we want is by way of the thoughts we think, the way we feel (due to our personal frequency) and the actions we take in physical reality. Knowing this, we can see that in order to create consciously we need to be conscious of what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and in what ways we are acting. The ability to self observe will enhance your manifestation ability’s in profound ways.

If you want more money, the way to do this is to become a match to the amount of money you want to experience. One way to start to do this is to get clear on the amount. Let’s say you want $10,000 in your saving account. You need to first believe it is possible to do so. From my perspective, you are an aspect of the universe (going back to the pie analogy), so you can be and create anything you want as everything is in a larger sense an aspect of you. If you have trouble believing that you can manifest $10,000 I suggest starting with a smaller goal that feels more “realistic” to you.

From this desire to have $10,000 in your savings account you can then use present moment affirmations, I AM and I HAVE affirmations to begin to entrain your own personal frequency to match the desire at hand. The more you use I AM and I HAVE affirmations, the more you build a neuro-pathway in the brain which will then seek out things of like nature. This looks like ideas, people or things that will help you ground your desire into your reality.

Once you start to radiate at this frequency, you will begin acting in ways that bring you closer to the goal. Your actions magnify your personal frequency and thus the longer you can hold the frequency of having $10,000 in your savings account the more likely it is you will experience this in your physical reality. This is what some call universal law or the law of attraction. You want to repeat “I HAVE $10,000 in my savings account” presently every day while seeking the feeling of what it’s like to already have this in your present moment. The mind does not know what is real and what is not real so the feeling of having it in the now by way of visualization and repetition causes your personal frequency to entrain with that specific desire you wish to experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding manifestation and how to create a reality that reflects your dreams and desires. It is vital to start to understand the basics as you have to start somewhere when it comes to such a profound, ancient, and esoteric practice.

Start writing and repeating your I AM and I HAVE affirmations daily. Sit down and visualize what your end goal feels like and looks like. Create a game plan and then take the actions necessary to ground them into your experience. I promise it gets easier with practice. After you get this down, you will be your own witness to your ability to create your physical reality… and that my friends is a powerful, miraculous tool. 

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